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Swedish Massage
60 min. $70, 90 min. $100
European classical massage especially for maximum stress relief. This massage encourages circulation and muscle tone support.

Therapeutic Full

Body Massage
60 min. $80, 90 min. $110
A personalized treatment using an essential oil cocktail to stimulate the body's function.

Deep Tissue Body Massage
60 min. $80, 90 min. $110
Designed with consideration of individual physical activity or for clients who love deep pressure on muscles to help them break up the knots or relieve tension.

Reflexology Massage
45 min. $60
A pressure point massage based on the end points of the meridian that opens energy blockages and helps re-balance the system through the hand or the feet.

Maternity Massage
60 min. $80
This uniquely designed treatment uses a support cushion to protect both you and your baby and is performed by our specially trained therapist.

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